Discover How to Make a Cup of Ice-cream Coffee?

In the hot summer, people want a cup of cold and refreshing iced coffee. Today, we will share how to brew a cup of hand-made ice coffee. 

How to Brew?

Brewing ideas: Put a low proportion of coffee extract liquid diluted into ice cubes.
Put another sharing jug to be pre-cooled with ice cubes. Remove old ice cubes after pre-cooling, and reloaded into 100 grams of ice cubes. Pre-cooling is done to prevent ice cubes from dissolving water too quickly, resulting in excessive dilution of the taste of coffee.
Then pour the extracted coffee liquid into the ice and shake the mixture. Cover the lid of the sharing pot, on the one hand to reduce the evaporation of aroma molecules, on the other hand, without mixed with ice to pour out the coffee liquid.

Hand made ice coffee is a low proportion of the extraction of coffee liquid into the ice dilution, so at the beginning it will be a relatively rich coffee liquid. The taste will be full and solid. With the ice dissolved dilution, the taste will be smooth and smooth, flavor will be from complex to refreshing.
Authenmole’s coffee is extracted under whole course of low temperature thus saving the beneficial components well and having better solubility with the original pure taste of coffee. It will surely refresh your day.

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