Stone Zhou-Founder of Authenmole

Interview with Stone Zhou, Founder of Authenmole—- Craftsman Contemplation Reveals Herb Power 

Human follows land, land follows sky, sky follows Taoism, Taoism follows nature. (From Tao Teh King)
It is a fast-paced and hi-tech time, I will keep following my heart and respect what the nature gives us.  
—— Stone Zhou

March 2016, Authenmole Inc. went public (Stock Code: 835484). It is the first listed company in China Molecular botanical Extract industry. The patented technology (PLEESIT), invented by Stone, has widely caught the attention and received recognition. This was the milestone event for botanical extract industry or even for the whole health industry, but Stone was very calm as usual. For him, as a craftsman who should keep pursuing perfection, he needs instinct peaceful calm.

This is a technology innovation about human and nature. Stone has always been concerning about the subtle relationship among nature, human health and food safety. The most significance that Authenmole created was to increase the bioavailability of botanicals and its effective components, to decrease waste and to return the natural and genuine nutrition from the plant. Stone uses the perfect technology innovation to express his respect to nature, life and health.

Destiny —-From the Inspiration of a Cup of Tea, Return to A Plant’s Origin

In 2008, Guangdong Stonesonic Digital, founded by Stone Zhou, was merged by China Security & Surveillance Technology Inc. (CSST) and listed in NYSE. As a Teochew people who love tea as life, Stone started the Tea business in his fifties, which was totally different from what he did before. In the past, I treated IT as my interest, and after retiring, I prefer to treat my hobby to career. Stone said. 

China is the hometown of tea. For the Tea brand from UK such as Lipton, its sales volume in China in 2008 was 20 billion, while the volume of all the Chinese Tea Companies were less than 30 billion! With emotions of nationalism, Stone thought that the success of Lipton was its industrialization, standardization and popularization. But if we want to learn from Lipton, we have to exceed it, not simply follow it.

Stone got his inspiration in instant coffee. Though there was instant tea in the market, Stone found that if using current technology, the effective components such as tea Polyphenols, L-Theanine, Theophylline would be damaged during high temperature and chemical added process. Therefore, there would be no color, taste and aroma in this cup of tea. With strong Physics, Chemistry and Biology academic background, Stone visited lots of companies and led his R&D team kept doing research, and finally they turned the traditional loose tea to molecular tea. Stone kept pursuing “Zero Defect” for production, and it took him three years to invent the instant tea with origin color, taste and aroma. This molecular pure tea extract can effectively remove the harmful substances and keep the beneficial components in a standardized process. The most significant thing is, this molecular instant tea has no requirements to the temperature, people can enjoy it hot or cold, anytime, anywhere…

A cup of tea, inspired Stone casted his sight to botanical extraction. Mother Nature, takes care all creatures, including human health. Same as the intention to keep the tea’s characters, Stone founds new aim to keep the bioactivities of botanicals from Nature and bring the most convenient and effective nutritional experience into homes around the world.

Once when I travelled, I brought our Mushroom extract, I drunk it with some salt, and it was like a very nice soup home-made. It came to me that if we could use hi-tech to let everyone bring this nice soup during trip, just like bring the love from families. It is a gift from Mother Nature, also it is Authenmole’s original intention . Stone said.

Now, Authenmole’s brand—Authentea and LeCharm have sold in US, Europe and Australia etc and received very good reputation.

 Innovation——Plant Molecular Purification Technology, same as what Tu Youyou has done 
On 5th October, 2016, Chinese scientist Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine amongst a trio for discovering parasite therapies and became the first Nobel Prize Winner in China. On learning this news, Stone was very excited and shared this info with his team, because what Tu Youyou did guide the direction for Chinese Medicine Development, and also for Stone’s career.

The reason why Chinese Medicine cannot be popular around the world is because of the standard and safety problem. As agricultural products, the beneficial components in Chinese Medicine cannot be quantified with specific effect. Using too much will be poisonous while too less will not heal the disease. And also, different people will have difference in absorption. What Authenmole put forward, is a solution to solve this safety problem in Chinese Medicine standardization using quantified molecular purification technology.

For example, Ganodorma, a genus of polypore mushrooms that grow on wood, has many beneficial components such as Ganoderma polysaccharides and triterpenoids. But because of different growing environment, there is no standard component content for each Ganodorma, and this difference can sometimes be up to tens or hundreds of times. In addition, the traditional boiling method cannot define exactly how many beneficial components can come out.  There are many products in the market, powder, tablet, capsule, oil etc, these products may have additive and the beneficial components may not be taken in, which cause a waste for Ganodorma before it is totally used. Authemole patented PLESSIT is a technology that can extract the accurate bioactive components, and greatly enhance thebioavailability of Ganodorma. In the meantime, it can effectively control the dose-effect relationship, which ensures the safety for end-users. In this regard, what Stone did is same as Tu Youyou, including the key technology such as low-temperature extraction, it is similar to the other.

Stone pointed out that there’s huge demand for supplement market. But almost 95% supplement products in the market are chemical synthesis, which also has problems of excess of heavy metal, uncertainties of effect, bad experiencing etc. Authenmole insists on natural botanical extraction, which realized the specific components physical extraction in molecular level, and also effectively got rid of pesticide residue and heavy metals, ensuring the essence nutritional products with no contamination, pesticide residue or chemical additive.

Currently, the brand Gemwell from Authenmole has products such as Truffle, Maca, Tartary Buckwheat with Ginseng and Lion’s Mane Mushroom etc. have come to market, which break the impression of traditional supplement of Expensive and Low-effection. Authenmole not only increase the bioavailability of rare herbs and plants, decrease the price of traditional supplement and meet the demand from the consumers, also replace the chemical synthesis with natural botanical extract nutrition products. With reasonable price, it came to every ordinary home life. 

Stone hopes that Authenmole technology can go further in natural botanical extract and homologous food industry with standardization, modernization and internationalization.

 Crossover Cooperation—–Authenmole Sincerely Invites Cross-industry & Multi-channel Cooperation.

Teochew people are good at doing business, Stone Zhou, as one of Teochew people, however, in front of the great temptation of annual turnover of RMB 450 billions for health care products in China market, he calms down with contemplation like a craftsman thinking about how to improve his artwork. While Stone takes up a sachet of instant Dao Hong PAO tea crystal (Wuyi mountain rock tea) , simply tears it off, pours the tea crystal into a glass, adds 300ml hot water and shares the tea soup, he says, “Teochew is famous for people’s success in business and its wood carving handiwork and ceramics. For me, I hope to make full commitment in crafting a good product.”

The Da Hong Pao tea soup tastes very nice. Stone says this tea sachet was produced in 2011, 5 years ago, but it still in good quality and gives amazing taste. He further talks, “It seems that if the tea crystal in sachet is well preserved from moisture, it will still be good for a even longer time. We are making teas that our staff, who knows clearly how the teas are made and what quality the teas are, can trust and enjoy when there is a big concern in the market of food safety and also tea quality problem of pesticide reside and artificial flavoring. Now our staff and their families and friends become a part of our brand fans. That gives me much more confidence of my right direction to move on.” 
In pursuit of good product with no flaw, no competition and no risk, Stone Zhou’s full commitment is rewarded with the invention of molecular extraction technology of high core competitiveness. From Stone’s point of view, “no competition ” does not mean to set high access limit to build technical monopoly, but to make better and even better invention. “The right attitude is to share rather to exclude. A technology will give its max power when with universal applicability, and I hope this molecular technology will be applied in more fields.” Stone Says.

In the field of Chinese traditional medicine, Authenmole has built cooperation with Authoritative medical institutions in the way of technical output about herbal medicine extract products for many times. Stone introduces that there will see increasing potential of its applications, Authenmole + health care products, Authenmole + Chinese herbal medicine, and much more combinations and possibilities in future.

In crossover fields, Authenmole can offer custom product development service for industries like beauty care and wellness with tailor herbal extract product from various herbs, plants, fruits and vegetable sources. For example, to help companies upgrade their mature collections in product raw material, formula and product format, and to assist with new tailored products of single ingredient or blended ingredients for even broader sales channels.

Stone aims at building a sustainable Authenmole+ Ecosystem in opening-up and cooperative modal. Actually, Authenmole+ Ecosystem is a practice of internet+ concept. And now that Authenmole goes as a public company helps to enhance universal applicability of the technology. “I think we can have even more adventruous and free imagination on the Authenmole+ Ecosystem,” Stone suggests.

Committed in research for years, Authenmole always focuses on innovation and improvement and moves on steadily with its faith in natural and healthy products in the times of rapidly developed technologies. When herb crystal runs from the sachet and goes melting into water, at such an instant, the herb no longer at distance in the wild, but close at hand, its nutrient essences fully released and ready for people to enjoy. That is the very motive of Stone, as well as many other craftsman devoted to herb extract line.

Stone promises Authenmole will always present products of true and natural herb nutrients for people to enjoy goodness of the nature, in a more smart and efficient way.

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