Discover the Mystery of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is the use of natural medicine, such as grass roots, bark, minerals, animals. These things are derived from nature. Natural things have life activity and medicinal.
Some drugs have cold heat and cool properties. Some drugs have the properties of lifting and floating. From different energy angles and direction angles, to partial, correct the bias of life, such as cold body with warm to correct, and use of ginger to higher temperature. Cold and condensed state is scattered, that is, with natural drugs energy bias to correct the body bias, so that the body returned to the state of Yin and Yang balance.
The concept of traditional Chinese medicine is to use natural substances to inspire the body’s self-nature. The higher the body self-control system, the higher the health index, the less the external impact on human life. 

Authenmole carries this Chinese traditional medicine with modern technology. By Authenmole’ s Chinese medicine extract, the beneficial components are perfectly kept in the low temperature to ensure high quality and effective absorption for the human body.
Usually for the Chinese brewing methods, the quantity of the ingredients are not quite sure and many healthy components are damaged in the hot water brewing. Authenmole’s patent technology, PLEESIT, deals with these challenges with innovation. The whole process for the plant extract is under low temperature with quantitative ingredients.

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