Discover How Increasingly Mature Consumers are Affecting the Growth of Food and Beverage Industry

Today, consumers are eating healthier habits. Whether eating out or choosing ingredients, more and more people are turning to health-friendly foods.

As consumer demand for healthy food grows, manufacturers need to strengthen their power in this area to meet the growing demand for consumer health. This includes not only product innovation, but also the need to redefine product formulations and use simple labels to articulate the nutritional benefits of products, help consumers identify the ingredients of food and consciously choose foods that are healthy. 

1. Create “Healthier” Products for Consumers

Health-conscious consumers are beginning to realize the huge benefits of low-sugar, low-salt, low-fat “better-for-you” foods. At the same time, they also hope that the food fiber, vitamins, minerals and other healthy functional components are higher, and the food taste, texture and shelf life also have high expectations.

2. Meet the Label Needs

Functional ingredients not only make products more attractive to modern consumers, but also communicate the health benefits of ingredients to consumers in a clear and transparent manner. This resonates strongly with consumers. Nearly half (47%) of consumers prefer food and beverage products with identifiable ingredients. A growing number of consumers who want to avoid intake of non-nutritional, unhealthy chemical, synthetic and artificial ingredients are increasingly concerned about food ingredients. At the same time, consumers also attach great importance to nutrition labels that contain healthy and natural ingredients.
More transparent and clearer labels not only help consumers better understand what they consume, but also enhance trust between food manufacturers and customers. As consumers pay more attention to “healthier foods,” food manufacturers face huge opportunities for innovation to articulate the benefits of these products while providing consumers with healthier alternatives.

Functional ingredients and transparent labeling will go a long way towards helping the food and beverage industry meet the challenges that will benefit the health and well-being of consumers and take the market to the next level.

Authenmole offers functional ingredients from natural plants, and is an ideal partner to help improve the nutritional and technical properties of our products. Authenmole’s functional extract ingredients have a number of key nutritional benefits, such as “0 fat”, “0 sugar”, “more dietary fiber”, “gluten-free” and milk substitutes, and improve energy management and promote digestive and body health. The key technical advantage is to improve the taste and texture of the product. 
Authenmole actively helps clients develop more balanced healthy foods through a unique chain of expertise, including research institute, which provides decisive insights into nutrition science and legislation, and Authenmole’s Technology Center, which provides application technology consulting services. 
Authenmole is a large bio-tech company with more than 40,000 square meters production facilities in China and more than 100 PhD, professors or bachelor experts. 

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