Brew An Instant Herbal Tea For Immunity from Authenmole

Demands for Chinese herbal medicines are surging these days.

In New York City and San Francisco, many herbal pharmacies are struggling to keep up with orders; some are sold out of raw herbs.

However, there’s a way to benefit from time-tested, immune-supporting Chinese herbs without having to leave your house or having to spend hours preparing and cooking bulk herbs in your kitchen. 

Instant Herbal Immunity Tea

Ahhh, the ritual of pouring a soothing cup of herbal tea…

For centuries, a hot cup of herbal tea has helped people relax at the end of a long day or wind down before bedtime. Now more than ever, it’s important to practice stress-management techniques to help mitigate stress and fear. Die-hard herbal tea drinkers will attest to the soothing powers of herbal tea. And now, herbal tea enthusiasts can also benefit from sipping a daily cuppa for immunity support. 

Not one of the millions of people around the globe who enjoy brewing tea, patiently waiting several minutes for the herbs to steep, eagerly awaiting the first sip? Then good news for you! With Authenmole’s instant herbal tea extract, there’s no need to wait. Simply tear our tea sachet and pour to hot water without waiting. The tea will dissolve immediately.

And by making instant herbal tea a part of your daily routine, you’re helping prime your immune system. So without further ado, here are two of our top immune support instant herbal teas…

Instant Herbal Tea #1: Ginger Herbal Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea, Ginger and Red Date Extract

Invigorating ginger, nutritional red dates and mellow black tea orchestrate a signature blend to warm you up. From a TCM perspective, ginger warms inside and disperses cold, creating a hostile  environment for evils. And from a Western perspective, it’s the spice’s phenol compounds such as gingerol and shogaol (phenols are a class of antioxidants) that confer its many purported health benefits.

But how does ginger support a healthy immune system? One way in which it does so is by enhancing glutathione activity. Glutathione is the body’s internal master antioxidant.

Instant Herbal Tea #2: Lotus Leaf Herbal Tea

Ingredients: Lotus Leaf, Folium Mori, Chrysanthemum and Corsvenor Momordica

Caffeine Free! Cool the burning summer down and guard yourself from flu with this amazing tisane made from lotus leaf, folium mori, chrysanthemum and corsvenor momordica fruit (Luo Han Guo).

  • Reduces Blood Lipids
  • Relieves Summer Heat
  • Helps Cardiovascular Health
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