Expert of Botanical Extract

  1. What is Pure Tea Extract?
Authentea Pure Tea Extract is a brand-new, high-end tea product. It’s a powder-crystal form instead of ground tea powder. We own patent technology PLEESIT to fully remove pesticide residues and heavy metals in tea leaves but won’t break the active ingredients at the same time. The tea nutrients are easier absorbed by human body. Why we call it Pure? It’s because we are 100% plant and herbal extract without additives such as artificial color, flavor, preservatives etc. And the tea soup is clear without any sediment.
  1. What’s the difference between Pure Tea Extract and Tea Powder?
Authentea Pure Tea Extract is not simply ground the plants into powder. It’s all about tea nutrients that no contain any harmful substances. It’s very easy to be dissolved by hot or iced water in 3 seconds. The tea soup is very clear without any dreg.
The disadvantages of traditional powder include:
  1. Powder cannot fully dissolve in water which causes a lot of sediment and suspended particles. It also tastes terrible and stimulates the throat.
  2. Powder is just simply grinded raw materials; Active ingredients are still reminding inside the cell, low release rate.
  3. Undissolved powder can be easily adhered to the intestinal wall; it could cause intestinal obstruction after taking for a period of time.
  4. In the grinding process, overheat of the steel mill could cause oxidation of thermo sensitive active ingredients which influence overall efficacy.
  1. Has your quality been proven by any third-party detection institution?
We have ISO 22000, ISO 9001, GMP certificates for our manufacturing system. And our product quality has been proved by FDA, ECO, SGS, and NOP.
  1. What is the superiority of your extract technology?
  1. Cell wall breaking technology: fully release the active ingredients inside the plant cells
  2. Vacuum low temperature extraction technology: prevent effective components from being oxidized
  3. Multiple membrane purification technology: ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and nanofiltration to eliminate heavy metal and pesticide residues. 
  4. Vacuum low temperature crystallization technology: active ingredients won’t be oxidized, dissolved, contaminated, and keep its natural aroma.
  5. Scientific quantitative blending technology: based on plant finger print technology, quantity of nutrition components are standardized and controlled.
  1. Can I do your product with my private label?
Yes, your own brand is available. You can do the design by yourself or we have designer to do it for you. If designing by yourself, our designer will also check if it’s suitable for printing.
  1. Brewing Method
1) Green Tea and Oolong Tea Series: For one sachet (0.6g/sachet), 200-300 ml hot or iced water recommend.
2) Black Tea Series: For one sachet (0.6g/sachet), 200-300 ml hot or warm water recommend.
7. Is it healthy?
Sure. With the self-invented bio-engineering technology, pesticide and heavy metal residue have been removed. Its nano-level extraction makes the rich tea nutrients, like polyphenols, tea polysaccharides and L-theanine, in pure tea extract more absorbable to human body to perform its contributory effort in anti-aging, anti-carcinogen, anti-radiation.
8.How does it taste? 
So much input and efforts on research has been made for the reliable manufacture technology. The full course of low-temperature manufacture process enables the beneficial components of tea leaves well preserved. With bio-engineering extraction technology, the useless element of pectin which distributes the bitterness has been successfully removed. And its nano-extraction makes the tea infusion clearer in color, purer and smoother in taste.