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Why is Everyone Talking About Best Green Tea Extract?

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Green tea is one of the most commonly consumed tea in the world.  Green tea, originated in southwest region in China that later spread widely across Asia. Own to its unique flavour and potential health benefits, green tea has been used as a traditional medicine for centuries globally. The genesis of green tea extract as a supplement comes from studies on regular drinkers of green tea, which have found remarkable health benefits. If you don’t want to gulp down half a dozen cups of tea every day, green tea extract is a fantastic alternative.

Who Should Buy Green Tea Extract?
Best green tea extract extract is useful on three independent fronts: it is a great natural weight loss supplement, it boosts your cognitive performance, and it improves long-term health. It is perhaps best known for its weight loss benefits, thanks to its heavily studied potential to act as both a thermogenic and as an appetite suppressant. When it comes to supplements with a proven track record for weight loss benefits, green tea extract stands at the top of the heap.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that green tea extract is only for people looking to lose weight. It’s a powerful nootropic, meaning it can boost your brain function in specific cognitive tasks. Thanks to these benefits, green tea extract has been studied as a way to slow or delay cognitive decline in older adults.


Finally, green tea extract is a potent antioxidant, and is thought to reduce your risk for several long-term health problems like cancer and heart disease. Thanks to the huge amount of scientific research behind its benefits and the wide variety of domains of health that green tea extract acts in, it’s one of the best all-around supplements on the market.

Best green tea extract could reduce the risk for certain types of cancer. Scientists have shown over an over an association between drinking green tea and lowered risk of a handful of cancers. These include: colon, bladder, esophageal, breast, ovarian, pancreatic, stomach and prostate. More research is needed to move from “association” to “cause”, but clinical studies suggest it may be the polyphenols that help prevent cancer. These compounds may also even kill cancer cells.


Best green tea extract can lower cholesterol. The proof has come in many times over: green tea lowers LDL cholesterol (the “bad” type). And it doesn’t just lower the LDL a little bit. Studies have shown that drinking green tea produces fantastically wonderful results in terms of lowering bad cholesterol.

Best green tea extract can boost brain power. This is probably the newest discovery about green tea benefits: it improves brain function. With a special emphasis on improving what researchers call “working memory”, green tea may someday be used to treat dementia . Given this data, we soon be seeing green tea appearing in smart drugs as well!


Best green tea extract is an excellent weight loss supplement. Until recently, doctors cited green tea as a weight loss aid only because it made a great substitute for drinking sugary soda. But now, evidence is appearing that green tea may actually take a more proactive role when it comes to helping you drop pounds. A Penn State study put some fat mice on a 16-week diet of green tea and exercise. They found that inclusion of green tea in the diet reduced body mass by 27.1%. The mice also lost abdominal fat at a rate of 36.6%.

Best Green Tea Extract From Authenmole
Authenmole's pure crystal green tea essences concentrated and extracted by patented invention of PLEESIT extraction technology, the upgraded substitute for loose tea leaves, tea powder & tea bag. It is available in both hot or cold water. This makes it a great way to take full advantage of the wide range of health benefits of green tea extract without any extraneous ingredients. Normally, tea is consumed by steeping the tealeaves or tea bags infused with hot water. Only 10%-20% of the healthy nutrients are consumed when drinking steeped tea. Authenmole’s pure best green tea extract, however, is full of nutrient essences in tea without any dregs. Its nano-level extraction process makes the nutrition essences in tea far more readily for human body absorption.

Authenmole's Best Green Tea Extract Features

- Hot/ Cold Water Soluble
- Nutritious Perfectly Kept
- 0 fat/ 0 Calories/ Gluten Free
- 3 Seconds Dissolved Without Residues
- Processed Through PLEESIT Technology in High Quality
- A Healthy Carry-on On-the-go Whenever, Wherever You Are
Quality Ensured

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