2021 Top Trend Best Quality Coffee Extract from Authenmole

The inside of the roasted coffee beans is the “Beehive Structure”, and the active ingredients of coffee are basically attached to the inner wall of the hive hole. The coffee we drink goes through the coffee extraction process. That is, water extracts the active ingredients through the hive hole.

After the coffee beans have been roasted, the interior becomes a honeycomb-like structure, which acts like a small room, and the soluble substance is possible only if the door is opened.

In the image above, these colorful balls are like soluble substances in coffee. For coffee extract, it’s the process from opening the door to getting the best coffee bean soluble substances.

The best effect of coffee extraction is to extract the delicious ingredients from the coffee, and to stop the bitter ingredients.
Temperature and time can change the taste of coffee by affecting the rate of oxidation, i.e. the rate at which the creama, acid and sugar are broken down in the coffee. Depending on the rate at which this process occurs, the aroma, taste and texture of the coffee vary greatly.

High-temperature extraction will break down the tannins in coffee into caramel acid, producing a bitter and sour taste.
Coffee extracted in low-temperature cold water, compared to coffee extracted from hot water, can maximize the flavor and aroma of coffee, while softening the acidity and bitter taste. Because coffee brewed in low-temperature cold water is not easy to oxidize, it can also inhibit the appearance of sour taste (the acidic fat in coffee is not easy to dissolve by cold water).

Authenmole makes the perfect pure coffee in the whole course of low-temperature of pipelines to extract and make purification to ensure the best quality and taste.

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