Authenmole Signed The Project of Modern TCM Advanced Manufacturing Industry Base

On May 20, a symposium of private entrepreneurs in Guangdong Province and the signing ceremony of private-run manufacturing projects during the 14th Five-Year Plan period were held in Guangzhou. It is reported that totally 32 big private-run manufacturing projects of large-scale investment, high technicality and good market prospects settled in Guangdong. It covers biomedicine, information technology, equipment manufacturing, new materials and home appliances and other light industries with a total investment of 144.1 billion yuan.

In the biomedical project signing ceremony, Chaozhou Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor Lin Shaoming, Authenmole Chairman Stone Zhou as the signing of both sides, attended the event, marking a total investment of 800 million project officially signed with annual output value of billions. 

The project of advanced manufacturing and application industry base of Authenmole is jointly created by Chaozhou Municipal Government, Authenmole Inc., and Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It belongs to the development and application of new technologies for the extraction, purification and quality control of the effective ingredients of Chinese medicine. The project is based on the industrial 4.0 architecture independently developed by Authenmole for intelligent equipment and Chinese medicine molecular directional extraction technology, and is committed to building a world’s most bench marking modern Chinese medicine industry base.

Founded in 2011, Authenmole independently developed the world’s first modern Chinese medicine unmanned factory production line of low-carbon and whole process in pipeline. Authenmole’s independent research and development of plant low-temperature extraction system, PLEESIT, revolutionarily realizes the full components of Chinese medicine quantitative standardization. Whether single-flavord or compound recipe extraction, the fingerprint map maintains close to 100% of chemical consistency and biological homogeneity with the standard material basis, and this system can effectively degrade agricultural residuals and heavy metals also. The medicine could be dissolved in 3 seconds in hot or cold water. Authenmole has 41 domestic and foreign patent licensing, with very high technological advancement and technical barriers. 

At the same time, Authenmole will create the world’s most bench marking Chinese medicine innovation technology center and settle in Chaozhou, which will be a comprehensive display of modern Chinese medicine advanced manufacturing industry of digitalization, networked,  intelligent and automation standards. Authenmole provide people with health solutions throughout the life cycle, making the Chinese medicine in a more solid position in the world, and thus benefit the whole world and mankind.

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