Authenmole Build a Demonstration Base for the Application of Modern Chinese Medicine in Guizhou

It is reported that the total investment in the contracted project will reach 1.4 billion yuan. The two parties (Authenmole & Guizhou Government) plan to build a modern national traditional Chinese medicine/molecular reishi smart manufacturing base with the most benchmarking effect in Nanming District within two years, and create an entire industrial chain of tens of billions annual output, represented by reishi molecular essence., which will upgrade traditional national traditional Chinese medicine to modern national innovative Chinese medicine.

Through the construction of this project, it will directly and indirectly drive economic growth in Guizhou, increase employment and government taxation, actively promote the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and realize income generation for farmers. It is preliminary estimated that it can drive 30,000 reishi growers to become rich and effectively integrate agriculture, refining and processing of health food, reishi raw materials, etc., and will promote the modernization of Guizhou’s agriculture, enhance the core competitiveness of products, and promote social and economic benefits to achieve a win-win situation.

At the symposium, Chairman Stone Zhou expressed his gratitude to the provinces, cities, and districts officers for their concern and support on behalf of Authenmole, and briefly introduced the development of the company and the development prospects of the project. He said that in the future, the company will give full play to its own advantages, integrate high-quality resources, fully promote the implementation of the project and strive to build the project into a model benchmark, revitalizing the forest economy and the health industry in Guizhou to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation, and comprehensively promote the rural areas revitalization.

As the old Chinese saying goes, it takes 10 years to mold a sword. Authenmole have continued to dig forward on the road of promoting the inheritance and innovation of the Chinese medicine industry in our country. With independent research and development of modern Chinese medicine unmanned factory production lines based on Industry 4.0 architecture, Authenmole lead the realization of low-carbon pipelined and process-oriented Chinese medicine component production. The self-developed “high-efficiency separation and purification technology integrated system PLEESIT” for plant active ingredients has revolutionized the quantitative standardization of all components of Chinese medicine. The fingerprints of both single and compound extracts can be consistent with and of biological uniformity of the standard material basis. It is effective, and can degrade pesticide residues and heavy metals. It also can be dissolved in three seconds. The company has 41 domestic and foreign patent authorizations, with extremely high technological advancement and technical barriers.

 At the same time, Authenmole will create a benchmarking innovation technology center for traditional Chinese medicine to fully demonstrate the digital, networked, and intelligent construction level of modern Chinese medicine advanced manufacturing industry with process standardization and modernization. Authenmole will inherit, enrich and develop the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine, continuously produce new research and development results for modern traditional Chinese medicine, and form new technological products and services. It also improves the ability of traditional Chinese medicine to prevent and treat diseases and provide people with a full life Cycle health solutions. It helps to strengthen the leading position of Chinese medicine in the development of traditional medicine in the world, and let modern Chinese medicine benefit the whole world and mankind.

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