100% Natural Plant Based Killing 99.99% of Bacteria Mosquito Repellent Alcohol Free Car Use Disinfectant 200ml

Item No.: DI-OMS30TZ
Source: China
Case Pack: 24
Gross Weight: 6.5 KG
Product Type Packaging: Bottles
Overall Case Dimensions: 350×240×210mm

Disinfectant 200ml

Using clean and disinfectant products shows people you care about cleanliness, health and well-being. Our brand has created disinfectant products including instant hand sanitizer and surface disinfection products to more holistically fight the spread of germs.
  • Disinfects hundreds of surfaces
  • Specially made for car safe use
  • Plant essence hand-protector formula
This disinfectant s
pray can kill 99.99% of most common germs that can make you sick. We offer the germ-killing power products and you can promote well-being throughout your facility – and your home.

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