100% Natural 3 Seconds Dissolved Fresh Fruity Lemon Dark Roast Coffee 10 Sachets/ Pack

Item No.: CF-LDR10TZ
Ingredients: Yunnan Arabica Coffee Extract
Source: Yunnan, China
Net Weight: 1.2g/sachet
Size: 10 Sachets (Pack of 1)
Dimension: 9.5*3*13 cm 
Gross Weight: 55g
Serving: Add 200-300ml Hot/ Cold Water
Shelf Life: 24 Months

Lemon Dark Roast Coffee

Refreshing, revitalizing flavors of cool juicy lemon meet with Yunnan Arabica beans dark roasted for a fruity round-bodied taste. This revitalizing 100% pure coffee is Certified Gluten Free, Sugar Free, and Without Artificial Ingredients.
  • Hot/ Cold Water
  • Dissolved in 3 Seconds
  • Only Natural Ingredients
Authenmole’s daily natural coffees 
make your life fresh and fragrant.


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