All Natural Tea Blends

Authenmole’s tea comes with a variety of blends with 100% natural ingredients

0 harmful substances / sugar / fat

Original Milk Tea

Matcha Milk Tea

Black Tea Tea

Dark Roast Coffee


Premium Tea in 3 Seconds

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Authenmole makes the perfect natural plant-based products of your daily life

3 Cups for 3 Meals

IT’S TEA TIME! It is designed for office people who are lack of exercise and needs hydration, refreshing and focus under work pressure.

Detox Tea

This scrumptious blend having the vibrant hibiscus tartness softened into mellow black tea taste with a tender note of rose and stevia.

Mint Green Tea

The pure, uplifting combination of peppermint and green tea orchestrates an infusion rich with notes that are refreshing and flavorful.

Oolong Tea

Let the alluring fruity and flowery flavor of oolong tea go haunting at a sip.

Assorted Tea

BEST PURE GREEN TEA EXTRACT EXPERIENCING PACKAGE. Relax and enjoy a cup of cold or iced green tea.

Gift Packages

Greetings! Gift package of gourmet teas, delicate and charming, a perfect gift for the ones you care about.

Ginger Green Tea

The invigorating ginger surprisingly finds its well balance in the fresh and brisk green tea notes.

15-Day Slim & Detox Tea

BREAK-THROUGH DIET. It comes in a crystalline format, loaded with phytonutrients that promote weight loss and body detoxifying.

Bubble Tea Kit

Natural & Healthy

Just with natural tea, milk and sugar, our bubble tea kit has everything you need to enjoy a cup of delicious and healthy bubble tea for long time. 

Original- Black Tea

Our amazing black tea is specially picked up from the high mountain in Yunnan and processed to achieve 8 levels of purification. You can truly enjoy the mellowest taste or DIY boba milk tea with sugar and tapioca pearls right at home.

Tapioca Pearl- Instant

Our tapioca pearls are made using premium material of tapioca starch, and it is INSTANT! You can just steep with boiling water for 2-3 minutes or microwave for about 45 seconds, the chewy and tasty bobas are here for you.


Enjoy a cup of nice Bubble Tea anytime, anywhere with your friends...

Original Milk Tea

Our recipe uses only pure milk powder, black tea and sugar to deliver a rich and smooth taste. Made with all natural ingredients, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for anytime of day.

Rainbow Tapioca Pearl-Quick Cook

These colorful tapioca pearls are great for adding some fun to your drinks. Add our Rainbow Tapioca Pearl to a smoothie, or use them with our Bubble Tea Kit to create a beautiful tropical drink that’s sure to light up your day!

Matcha Milk Tea

Our Matcha Milk Tea is a blend of premium matcha, jasmine green tea and New Zealand milk powder. The perfect balance between green tea and milky taste gives you the most pleasant and refreshing feeling.

Functional Tea Series

We also have all kinds of functional teas such as Sleep Aid, Immune Boost, Sex Boost, Body Detox, Weight Loss etc.

Private Label/ ODM Blend are also welcome.

Just Add to Water

Hot or Cold

Dive in the World of Healthy Drinks!

Selected Tea Leaves

Hand-picked up in large ecological tea plantation

Multi- Membrane Separation

Keep the beneficial components by multi-membrane separation

Superfine Grinding

Physically grind tea leaves into ultra-fine particles


Concentrate the tea essence in low-temperature by physical way

Cell Wall Breakage

Break the tea leave cell by high-pressure water in low-temperature

Quantitative Blending

Standardization blending to ensure the taste


Remove harmful substance and heavy metals


Crystallization under vacuum environment


100% natural extract

from tea and herbs


Just add to 200-300ml

hot or cold water


0 Calories/ 0 Sugar/ 0 Fat


Only 0.6g per sachet, easy to take

We want to drive Authenmole to a noted bio-tech company that delivers on our vision to the premier, efficient and environment caring company. We are committed to sustainability and continue to support the UN Global Compact’s initiative and principles. Our strategy and policies underline the unique contribution we make to offering healthy and 100% natural products for the customers by our world-leading patent plant extraction technology.

Stone Zhou

Founder & CEO

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Authenmole serves its distinctive plant-based products to its guests with good marks

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Years of Experience

High Reputation all over the world for manufacturing of plant extraction products

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Happy Clients

Regular clients satisfied with our products’ characteristic, high quality and our fancy service

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Botanical Extract

We have extracted a large variety of herbs and plants grown all over the world



Very refreshing!

I use these at home and at work.  I can adjust the sweetness level to my liking or use no sweetener at all. I find they work best is you dissolve the powder in a little room temperature or hot water first and then add more water and ice to suit your taste. I always keep a few in my purse. Will keep re-ordering.


Los Angeles, USA


Pleasantly surprised

I was afraid this would taste “instant”, however, I was pleasantly surprised. I put it in a little more water than the instructions call for, and it is a refreshing treat for me on hot days. I plan on purchasing again.

Jack Brown

From London, UK



I’ve been looking for some easy tea providers

Been trying to drink healthier, so I’ve been looking around for some easy tea providers. I’m not a big fan of hot tea, could never drink it at the right time or the right way. I always end up burning my tongue or something. This is why I took interested in this tea sachet thing. I can get myself some warm water and make the tea I like at the temperature I want. Jasmine has always been very good. It’s a genuine taste that I appreciate a lot, and I’ve been gradually introducing it into my daily routine. I don’t have to worry about tea leaves at the bottom thanks to how it’s been made into a dissolving extract.

Frank Jones

From Berlin, Germany


This is great and so convenient to pack

I travel a lot and cannot always find chilled green tea without it having a lot of sugary and other ingredients of unknown origin in it. This is great and so convenient and easy to pack. I love that it’s no calories. Also, it doesn’t take up room in any space in my luggage. I will order again. Great taste also.

Choir Singer

From Australia

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